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Amsterdam with Skatefresh 2009

Fiona "Fire" McNeill skates Amsterdam with Skatefresh

We first met up with the rest of the Skatefresh group in a great wee skate shop (so many skates....not enough money :-(). After that we just had enough time for something to eat in Vertigo, a cafe in Vondelpark. Skaters started arriving for the Friday night skate and a whistle set us off at around 8pm. It was my first street skate and it was fast (not too good after just eating!!!! Hmmm)

Fiona Amsterdam 1

The blockers, flying nurses and other skaters were all very friendly.......the streets were perfect, all we had to deal with was tram lines (a bit daunting at first but you get used to dealing with them pretty quickly!) and the speed. There were plenty of stops in town for lights and these were great chances to catch up, but once we got out into the country the fast skaters could really power ahead. We skated 26K that night.

On Saturday we skated to Marken which gave us a couple of hilly bridges to deal with but it was all mainly pleasant under wheel, some rough sections but also some amazing smooth surfaces that you could really pick up some speed on. The views were fantastic, part of the route was on a cycle track that had been built on a Dyke so it was farmland on one side and sea views on the other.

Fiona Amsterdam 3

That was a long skate and after a bit of discussion we all decided not to skate home as it would be into the wind. Instead we took a ferry to Volendam, did some touristy things then caught a bus back to Amsterdam centre and skated back to the hostel from there....this gave us a couple more obstacles; kerbs, tram lines & cobbles, bikes, cars, trams, blockers to keep them out of our way?!?!?!? But with Maya leading the way we all made it back in one piece.

Fiona Amsterdam 4

In the evening we were able to do some people watching with a beer while we waited for everyone to arrive for the red light district tour - interesting!!!! Then we headed to a fantastic Chinese restaurant for a much needed feed. (thanks Asha ...the prawn toast was amazing as promised)


On Sunday we had a dance class in Vondelpark....Asha showed us some moves and we all tried to follow her....was great fun!! Sunday afternoon's plans had changed slightly as they decided to do a family street skate to mark mid-summers day. A couple of us were late for the start and one of the marshals kindly waited for us and caught us up with the rest of the group. This was completely different to Friday's skate, it was a slower pace set by a car with huge speakers on the back playing dance music. Some of us had to leave early to catch flights, buses, trains and ferries home we were out in some lovely countryside and it was a struggle to not finish with the rest of the group.

F‭iona Amsterdam 2

Thanks to everyone on the Skatefresh Amsterdam tour - June 2009 I met some lovely people and look forward to meeting y'all again.



Fiona "Fire" McNeill skates Amsterdam with Skatefresh