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Skate Amsterdam with SKATEFRESH

# Last call for anyone wanting to join local skaters going to Amsterdam. (a real friendly bunch, honest)

If you prefer you can travel independently and arrange to meet up in Amsterdam. Just let us know your going.

Skate with the incredible Asha Kirkby on one of her fabulous city weekend tours. Confirmed dates 19th - 21st June. Here's a synopsis of the weekends activities.

Asha Kirkby

                 Asha Kirkby (Skatefresh)

Amsterdam; smooth tarmac, generous cycle lanes and the most respectful motorists ever seen. And of course the obvious advantage, not an uphill in sight (the only slopes are bridges).
The Skatefresh tour hooks up with local skaters for their own Friday night skate starting at 8pm which tours the city and ends at about 10.30pm with their own version of the Vic. Amsterdam's Friday night skate is not as fast as London's Friday night skate and anyone capable of the Sunday stroll will only need to extend themselves a little to keep up. The lovely surfaces will make that achievable with ease. Instructors will be on hand to help you out if you need it. Some new obstacles (tram lines) may need negotiating but skating in Amsterdam is easier than London.

Asha Skate Tour

On Friday we meet up in the evening before the Friday night street skate, at 7.30pm for the official start of the weekend tour. If you are in Amsterdam earlier than that then we will be organising a short skate to a local skate shop (great for speed skates), starting at 4.30pm and will include some dinner before the street skate.

Amsterdam FNS

Saturday sees us leaving the city to the east and skating to Marken, (an island community connected to the mainland by a road) along elevated cycle tracks surrounded by fields and water. It isn't very often that we ge the opportunity to skate in the countryside, away from traffic, noise, pollution and the urban madness that is London. It is a whole different experience being surrounded by water, big skies and space while you skate. This skate will help you work on your stamina and skate technique while you enjoy the spacious views. Countryside obstacles include low flying herons and geese. We break for lunch in Marken and then skate back on a different route, completing a 44km skate day.

Amsterdam Group

On Saturday evening before dinner a special tour of the red light district is included in your package. Asha will be eating in her favourite Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam's own china town, where the house speciality is incredible wonton soup, but their prawn toast is also not to be missed (more prawns than toast). You are free to join Asha for dinner or make your own arrangements after the red light district tour.

Sunday sees us exploring the city in more detail with a route around the central and outlying areas, including Vondelpark. The tour will finish by 4pm on Sunday so as to leave sufficient time for flight connections home.

Amsterdam Group 2

The package for the weekend is inclusive of all skate tours and tuition over the weekend and also includes the red light district tour. Several opportunities arise for lesson spots where gaps in skills can be filled in and we will use the long, flat, smooth roads and tracks to really polish our speed skating technique and work on stamina. 2½ days of skating £100 per person. You are responsible for all your meals, snacks and water while skating.

Local skaters are organising a Scottish group to go to Amsterdam with SKATEFRESH. If you would like to join them on the tour or need more information please email Fiona McNeil at