Let's Try Skating and get Scotland Rolling


Rollerblading Group Courses held indoors at the Arc Sports Hall, Caledonian University, Glasgow.

  • Convinced your balance is not good enough?
  • Not confident you will be able to skate?
  • Think everyone else will be better?
  • Used to skate many years ago?
  • Feeling apprehensive?
  • Worried about falling?
  • Think you're too old?

Then this is the course for you.


Arc Skaters

Aimed at "first-time" beginners and those that want to start from the very beginning. The purpose of indoor classes is to provide an ideal safe learning environment on a level floor with a good surface that makes skating easy for beginners to progress comfortably at their own pace and at the same time have the luxury of avoiding the uncertainty of Scottish Weather.

So come along, join up, get fit, lose weight, have fun and learn a new life-time skill all on what must be the city's most skater-friendly "easy learn" floor. You owe it to yourself to have a go. Now is the time to try. Don't let the opportunity pass by.

This is what the course covers

heel-brake lesson

  • Equipment
  • Safety
  • Balance/Stance
  • Striding
  • Heel-Brake Stops
  • A-Frame Turn
  • Falling/Recovery
  • Confidence Building
  • Skills for outdoor skating

Depending on class progress more advanced manoeuvres may be included in the programme.

All year round Courses held at the Arc Sports Hall

  • Central Location
  • 4 Week Courses
  • ¾ Hour lesson within each session
  • Smooth Easy-Skate floor
  • Learn a skill and have fun at the same time.
  • Sundays 10.30am prompt to 12noon.
  • First-Time beginners welcome.
  • Skate hire available.

# See course dates and times in the skating lessons page of www.tryskating.com


  • How much? 4 week courses cost £40 (including skate/pads hire, but not a helmet) payable on the first day by cash or cheque.
  • I can't manage 4 Consecutive Sundays? If you miss a Sunday make it up on one of the subsequent Sundays in the programme.
  • What time do we start skating? 10.30am prompt in the ARC Sports Hall at Cale Uni. (finish 12noon) Fitting skates & pads for the first time takes ages so if you don't arrive early enough it means some of the lesson time is lost. If possible please try and come at least 15 mins before class starts.
  • When do I order hire skates? Preferably when you book the course or at least a couple of days before the course starts. Email or text 07733 276 902 your normal shoe size (If you forget there will be no skates for you). Skate hire includes safety pads but not a helmet. If you're left-handed and want the heel-brake moved over to the left skate please request at the time of ordering.
  • Heel-Brakes. If you use your own skates the heel-brake should be the non-marking type for indoor skating. Black stoppers need to be "taped" to prevent black marks on the floor. (There is tape available at the session.)
  • Can I buy new skates? Yes StartSkating gives you an idea of what's available. If you're thinking of buying skates discuss this first with Don Morton.
  • Do I need a helmet? Helmets are seriously recommended, nearly all the course skaters wear them. Please bring your cycle helmet or buy a skate helmet on the day, you skate without one at your own risk.
  • Where do I pick up my skates? Before the lesson go to St Mungo Avenue/Dobbies Loan/Kennedy Street, (if you remembered to order skates), look around for Don's blue Citroen Picasso with skate graphics on the rear windows. The exact spot will depend on where a parking space can be found on the day. The van should be in place by 10.00am. Try to pick your skates up by 10.15am at the latest. The skates have to be returned to the van after the session is over.
  • Can I come on Roller Skates (Quads)?  Yes you can. Some of the manoeuvres vary from inlines and where necessary that will be explained at the time.
  • What should I wear? Comfortable casual clothing. Jeans or similar and lightweight tops because the hall gets quite hot after we have been skating a while.
  • Do I have to use a locker? We are supposed to but at the present time we take our belongings into the hall with us.
  • Travelling by Public Transport? Best come by bus, the Arc Sports Hall is opposite Buchanan Street Bus Station. Queen Street Station is close by and be easily walked as can Buchanan Street Subway Station a little bit further away.
  • Coming by car? Park in one of the side street parking bays. Meter charges don't apply on a Sunday.

Did we forget something? (we usually do)

  • Got a question we haven't thought about?
  • Need some more help or advice?
  • Then please do not hesitate to ask........
  • Email or text/call 07733 276 902.


Don't forget skating is a balancing activity. You skate at your own risk. Wear your safety pads and a helmet at all times, you have a duty of care to yourself as well as to others.

First time? Still not too sure, then drop into one session and see how you get on or just come along to watch.