Let's Try Skating and get Scotland Rolling

Annual skate round Great Cumbrae Island

  • Next Date: Saturday 16th August 2014
  • Time: Arrive about 12noon for a 12.30pm start.

This will be the eighth year the Rollerstroll has visited Cumbrae.

Lets hope for really good weather. We are going to skate round the island (approx 10 miles) starting from the ferry terminal car park and decide on the day which way to skate depending on wind direction. Stop at Millport for an ice cream, burger, fish & chips or bring your own. After a rest we skate the final stage back to the ferry terminal. If it's a very nice day we may do a couple of laps along Larg's prom just for fun.

Cumbrae 1

Is this an easy skate?

Yes, the route is mainly flat but has quite a lot of rough stretches all on quiet roads with some undulations. When skating on public roads you must be capable of stopping. Need to brush up on your stopping technique? Then come to the next heel-brake clinic at Bellahouston Park. Check Skating Events at TrySkating for dates.


Arrangements for the day?

Cumbrae Map

Arrive about 12noon, park your car in Largs near the ferry terminal. Take the first available ferry over to Cumbrae. We gather at the ferry terminal car park on the island then decide the best route to take on the day. Bring a friend or the family for a picnic day out. If they can't skate then run, ramble, scoot or cycle.


No need to take your car onto the island unless you wish to, Don takes his van over so that it can be used as a base to carry backpacks, footwear, food, etc., while you are skating. We arrange where to meet up, stop for a rest break and have a snack or bring your own food/drink if you prefer.

If Freestyle skaters come along we will set up a demo to impress the folk at Millport and later on the crowds on Largs promenade before we head off home.



  • How much will the skate day cost? The skate is FREE the only charge is for hiring skates (see below) and of course the COST of the ferry journey.
  • Can all skaters take part? Yes, provided you can stop a requirement for skating on public roads.
  • Do I need to book in advance? This is not necessary just turn-up at the appropriate time.
  • Will it matter if I arrive late? This is a "one way" skate so if you want to skate in a group make the effort to be on time.
  • How far do I have to skate? Any distance you like. It is up to you on the day to decide how far you want to go. (Once round the island is 10 miles approx).
  • How long is the skate going to last? As long as you want. Make your own time depending on how you feel.
  • Will I hold everybody back? Think touring, just skate at your own pace, no pressure here. This is not a race, sprint or speed trial. 7-8mph pace is ideal. Don't worry we'll wait for you to catch up. If you have big wheel skates this is the time to use them.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet? Falls do occur. Safety pads and a helmet are recommended. You skate without them at your own risk.
  • Can"Quads" come along? Yes of course. Roller Skaters are most welcome to join Inline Skaters on any of the outdoor strolls. However remember quads do need a bit of extra pushing along when skating the TGO.
  • Travelling by train? The station is in the centre of Largs and is an easy walk (or skate, as long as you can stop) to the ferry terminal. Check latest train timetable and remember it will be a weekend service.
  • I'm not coming by car is there anywhere to leave my backpack? Yes, Don's van will be on the island. You may leave your backpack/shoes/etc, in the van while you skate don't forget to collect your belongings before you leave for home otherwise you will have to pick them up at Glasgow!
  • I'm coming alone what if I need help on the day? This is not a skate lesson but Don Morton will be there to assist with any (skate) problems that occur on the day.
  • Can I buy drinks at the start point? Plenty of shops to choose from in Largs and Millport or bring your own eats and drinks.
  • Are there any toilet facilities? Yes in Largs and MIllport.
  • What if it is raining? We don't skate in storms, heavy rain or impossible winds. If the weather looks doubtful and you're not sure whether to travel call/text 07733 276 902 before setting out. Any advance notice of cancellation will be posted on Skating Events at TrySkating.

Some Cumbrae/Millport Websites

We share the roads

Cumbrae 2

We are skating on public roads so take care and look out for the occasional vehicle and local buses. Pedestrians/Children are apprehensive when they see a group of skaters approaching please make sure you slow down and pass leaving as much room as possible. We want skaters to be recognised by the public for their consideration to other road users.

Animals, particularly dogs roam quiet roads because owners take the opportunity to let their dogs off the leash. Dogs are easily startled if it is the first time they have encountered skaters. Apparently dog owners consider it is the responsibility of the skater to pass in an appropriate manner. While this is a moot point we accept the constraint for the good of the sport.


Please don't upset the locals even if they annoy you, remember they live there and we want to be welcomed back in the future. Respect the countryside and please make sure you do not leave any litter lying about.

Don't forget skating is a balancing activity. You skate at your own risk. Wear your safety pads and a helmet at all times, you have a duty of care to yourself as well as to others.