Let's Try Skating and get Scotland Rolling

You are invited to skate the Clyde Corridor from Dalmarnock Bridge to Cambuslang on the "Off the Road" traffic free section of CYCLE ROUTE 75.

  • Date:
  • Time: Start 2pm.

This is the first time we have attempted this route as a group.On this occasion we are going to start from Dalmarnock Bridge and skate East towards Cambuslang (about 7 miles), finishing where the "off the road" section of the cycle path stops at Northbank Avenue. This avoids the nasty rough section adjacent to Glasgow Green.

Is Route 75 easy to skate?

Yes, easy skating on a smooth undulating surface but there are surprises. A couple of strips of sand to walk over plus a muddy section that you will have to walk round. Need to be competent at stopping using your heel-brake. If this is a problem come to one of the heel-brake clinics at Bellahouston Park.

Where do we park?

On Dalmarnock Road at Dalmarnock Bridge situated byside the entry point to the cycle track. It is signposed but you need to keep a sharp lookout. Make sure all valuables are safely out of sight before leaving your car.


  • How much will the skate cost? The skate is FREE the only charge is for hiring skates. (see below)
  • Can all skaters take part? Yes, with the exception of "First Time" Beginners who have no previous experience of skating.
  • Will it matter if I arrive late? Not at all. If the 2pm start doesn't suit just come and skate until you meet up with others.
  • How far do I have to skate? Any distance you like. It is up to you on the day to decide how far you want to go. (Maximum distance 15 miles).
  • How long is the skate going to last? As long as you want. Make your own time depending on how you feel. There are no deadlines.
  • Will I hold everybody back? Of course not, just skate at your own pace, no pressure here. This is not a race, sprint or speed trial.
  • Can I hire skates? Yes you can but you need to order them the day before at the latest. 07733 276 902 is the number to call. Special day charge of £5 includes safety pads but not a helmet.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet? Falls do occur. Safety pads and a helmet are recommended. You skate without them at your own risk. A cycle helmet should be fine.
  • Can"Quads" come along? Yes of course. Roller Skaters are most welcome to join Inline Skaters on any of the Skate Days Out.
  • Travelling by Public Transport? Best way is by bus services 16/16A and 18 from the centre of town take you to the exact spot. Dalmarnock Railway Station is some distance away but walkable. Check timetable because schedules are always changing especially when it is a public holiday.
  • I'm not coming by car is there anywhere to leave my backpack? Yes, you can leave your backpack/shoes/etc, in Don's van while you skate don't forget to collect your belongings before you leave for home.
  • What if I need help on the day? This is not a skate lesson but Don Morton will be there to assist with any (skate) problems on the day.
  • Can I buy drinks at the start point? There is a new Tesco Extra Superstore a couple of hundred yards along Dalmarnock Road from the starting point.
  • What if it is raining? We don't skate in the rain. If it is one of those Scottish weather days that looks as if it might/might not rain and you are not sure whether to travel call 07733 276 902 before setting out.
  • Where can I see a plan of the starting point at Dalmarnock Bridge? Click on the following link:


We are skating on a cycle route. The more serious cyclists, generally recognisable by their lycra outfits, treat the route as their own. They do not take kindly to skaters blocking the pathway. When cyclists approach we keep to the LHS to avoid causing an obstruction and prevent any reason for complaint.

Pedestrians/Children are apprehensive when they see a group of skaters approaching (one can only imagine what they feel like when they see cyclists speeding towards them) please make sure you slow down and pass leaving as much room as possible. We want skaters to be recognised by the public for their consideration to other path users.

Animals, particularly dogs roam the pathway because owners take this opportunity to let their dogs off the leash. Dogs are easily startled if it is the first time they have encountered skaters. Apparently dog owners consider it is the responsibility of the skater to pass in an appropriate manner. While this is a moot point we accept the constraint for the good of the sport.


Respect the cycle path please make sure you do not leave any litter lying about. If you want any more information please do not hesitate to ask. 07733 276 902 is the number to call.

Don't forget skating is a balancing activity. You skate at your own risk. Wear your safety pads and a helmet at all times, you have a duty of care to yourself as well as to others.