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The Arc Sports Hall Tandem-Chase

Arc Sports Hall
We love the Arc Sports Hall

We are always looking for new activities to add to the fun of indoor skating. What we do is dependent on the skills of the skaters present at the Arc Sports Centre on Sundays. To-day we have a much wider range of abilities than ever before. TrySkating's mission is to encourage this trend. We want skaters of all levels of ability to skate together. No skater is excluded. 

Recently we started the 'Lap Ladder' and 'The Eliminator' now comes the 'Tandem-Chase' skate racing in pairs. To succeed you will need to skate in close contact. (paceline) Unlike the Lap-Ladder and the Eliminator this is a team event. 

Four skaters, split into two teams compete against one another over 10 laps. Each team trying to catch-up with the other.

The Tamdem-Chase is open to any skater who would like to have a go. If you don't fancy trying, don't do it. Skaters will see an improvement in their times as skills and experience give them confidence to go that wee bit faster when they rise to the challenge.

The Tandem-Chase

(10 Laps of the full hall)


The object of the Tandem-Chase is to try and catch the opposite team within 10 laps of the hall.

Here's how it works.

Two teams of two skaters line up at opposite sides of the track.

# The teams agree in which direction they wish to race.

# The teams start simultaneously.

# If one team catches up and touches the back skater of the other team they are deemed to be the winner provided that when they make the touch they themselves are no greater than one arm's length apart.

# Should neither team succeed in touching within 10 laps, the team that has made the most progress to close the gap at 10 laps will be deemed the winner provided they are no greater than one arm's length apart.


The Rules.

# No bumping, barging, shoving. holding, pushing, tripping allowed under any circumstances. 

# No shouting, swearing, spitting or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.

# Keep clear of the cones. Knocking over a cone means disqualification.

# Safety gear must be worn. Full set of pads and helmet.

# Failure to comply with the rules means immediate disqualification

# The referee's decision is final.