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# Rollerskating (Quads)

# Rollerblading (Inline Skating)

Yoker Sports Centre
A typical sports hall


What is it about skating that upsets so many people? If you want to experience a door slam in your face just try telling the local sports centre you would like to hold rollerskate/rollerblade sessions on their premises. The hostile reception is generally an indication of the organisation's lack of knowledge about skating.  This response is by no means exclusive to schools. 

We are told that part of a balanced life style includes exercise. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle become more apparent as you grow older.  Not everyone wants to skate nor should they be expected to if they do not wish, but at the same time it is a great pity that those who would like to skate don't have the opportunity to learn safely and responsibly in a controlled environment.

Let us not forget that skating is not only good for fitness it also improves balance and becomes a lifetime skill. Skating is fun maybe that's why schools don't like it. For some reason there is a popular misconception that skating is 'not done' by anyone over 20 years of age. Why? How parochial, how out of touch can one get.

Many more sports have been embraced but for some reason skating for fitness has been excluded. The most popular excuse is that there is no demand for skating, pupils are not interested. Well if you took a 'straw poll' at your school would there really be no interest?

Schools' excuses to avoid skating 

  • Council prohibits skating
  • School policy - No skating
  • The floor will be damaged.
  • Skaters will run riot.
  • Accidents will occur.
  • School will be sued.
  • Health & Safety issues.
  • Don't have a suitable hall.
  • There is no curricular time.
  • Pupils don't like skating.
  • Parents will object.
  • School doesn't have skates.
  • There's no funding for skating.