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Ulla's alpsgear wrist protectors

Ulla Carlsen tells what it's like to


Just two months after taking up inline skating, I sustained a broken wrist after an accidental collision. The fracture was pinned and plastered I had 9 weeks of interesting and unexpected challenges. HOW does a one-handed person open a coffee jar, wash dishes, button jeans, put on clothes, tie laces, cook, wash and dry myself, change the bedding, clean the house, hang out washing, open the zip in my purse, load messages into my rucksack – all nearly impossible without the kindness of friends and the greater general public.

When the plaster was removed the doctor told me to wait another 6 weeks before skating again, if I really MUST do such a thing at my age. I waited one month, and Don gave me a free lesson to build up my confidence. My legs were shaking, and I was unsure that I would ever get back to skating confidently. It was in effect like starting over again. Four or five skates later, I realised I had reached the level I was at when the accident happened. This was in no small measure due to the fantastic support and encouragement from Don, and also the other skaters.

I now wear extra long wrist guards (see Don’s section on skate equipment), also when ice skating. They are more rigid than the standard guards and give me the necessary feeling of safety and confidence.

(Don says,"The wrist guards Ulla refers to are supplied by alpsgear who specialise in top end protective gear. Buy through TrySkating for a 10% discount.")

When we skate, falls happen. Most are embarrassing or painful, but with no serious damage. When things go wrong, it is hugely important to have a good support network. Skaters just seem to be nice people, in contrast to a few of the medics, who appeared to think that mature people should sit quietly watching daytime telly. I thoroughly recommend Don’s lessons and arrangements to help not just with general skating development, but to make it possible to return after an accident. Skating has become my passion, and without the support, I might well have given up after the injury. That would have been a tragedy.