Try Skating and get Scotland rolling

Don Jeff

Don Morton with Jeff 'Turbo' Li


skate + walk




Jeff on Tay Bridge
Turbo tackles the Tay

Don and Jeff meet at the riverside car park and kit up for the start of the journey which begins with a skate along the front and over the, now toll free, Tay road bridge. Great views with noisy traffic for about 2 miles. Then we set off along the cycle track using National Route 1, while admiring views across the Tay, on our way to the harbour town of Tayport.  Mostly good skating on decent surfaces, with an occasional rough patch, for about 3  miles.


After skating through this very pleasant town, head south towards Tentsmuir forest. This is where the surface deteriorates to the extent that continuing to skate on the track is impossible. So off with skates and on with shoes. Now we leave the National Route 1 cycle path to walk the shortest distance, about 3 miles through the forest, while picturesque on a sunny day could feel a bit spooky if you were on your own.


Jeff covers all the route with his pics on facebook





Tentsmuir Forest
Tentsmuir forest. click for bigger pic

Once through the forest it's back on skates striding along quiet smooth undulating tarmac. The public roads allow easy skating for about 2 miles. Although quiet keep a look out for the occasional car as you push on towards Leuchars. which can be a bit noisy when RAF planes are active.

Leuchars has typical street surfaces that involves crossing a couple of roads and coping with kerbs.  Press on another 1½ miles to Guardbridge You come to a busy roundabout, take care, cross the bridge then up a steepish hill as you make your way to St.Andrews using National Route 1 cycle path.


Now comes the only blackspot on the whole journey. Unfortunately a small part of National Route 1 cycle path is right beside the A91. You have to skate for a few hundred yards along a narrow gritty pavement with an uneven surface beside traffic passing at 60mph+.  Don Morton strongly advises skaters who are not confident in these conditions to stop, switch from skates to shoes and walk this section returning to skates when you're back on the cycle track proper. This is the sensible thing to do for your own safety.

Once passed this obstacle, continue to skate and enjoy the best 3 miles of smooth tarmac on the final lap to St. Andrews a total of approx 15 miles. This golf mad university town is flat and skater friendly but watch out for cobbles!

This is a day out skate if you decide to skate back to Dundee!   A round total of about 30 miles. Take a rain jacket just in case, good shoes, something to eat and drink all in a comfortable backpack for that walk through the forest. Oh I nearly forgot a compass is good idea just in case you get lost. Going to try it? Don't forget to tell the newsletter about your experience.

Always remember to wear safety pads and a helmet. Don't skate on public roads unless you know how to stop.


Don + Jeff - skate + walk - Dundee to St. Andrews