Try Skating and get Scotland rolling

Don Morton


skates + walks (a tiny bit)


An adventure skate not for the feint hearted.



Don sets out from the car park at Lomond Shores and proceeds along cycle path 40 towards Luss a distance of approx 8 miles. This is an adventure for the experienced skater. You will have considerable hazards to overcome. It is a test of your stamina and ability over rough surfaces. This route is not ideal for small wheel skates. Use at least 90mm wheels.

 Lomond Shores

Surfaces soon change from smooth to rough as you skate at first uphill towards Duck Bay.  Pass through, downhill at first, and then uphill again as you proceed to the roundabout where the B831 joins the A82 here rough  surfaces are at their most  variable. The cycle pathway narrows and runs close to the A82 and while this is not hazardous the traffic noise is very intrusive. Now downhill over an uneven surface until you come to the junction where the road from Helensburgh joins the A82. It is at this point the surface is almost impossible to skate for about a couple of hundred yards/metres. Either take your skates off and walk or copy Don and skate-walk over the grass. This saves time taking off and on your skates.  

The cycle path leaves the A82 and goes downhill into a short steep overhung decline that is quite tricky if you are not competent at stopping with the heel-brake. This eventually brings you to a very smooth stretch of private road. (more about this later) Now you must join the minor loop road to skate the last stretch of indifferent surface towards Luss. This is a very quiet road but the occasional coach passes and you are best advised to stop and let it pass before skating on. The public are not used to seeing skaters on the roads. There is a considerable variation in response to your presence ranging from surprise and delight to mild hostility. Just get used to it. 





When returning to Lomond Shores the same day by skate have a good rest first at Luss to recover. It is quite a strenuous effort. You retrace your steps to Lomond Shores but can make one exception if you are bold enough.


Loch Lomond Golf Course

The Loch Lomond Golf Course commands a considerable length of perfected tarmac. A magnet to the skater.  Unfortunately this road is private to the golf course and cuts through the middle of the course so, if you venture on it, make sure you skate quicker than security. Don't be put off by golfers' scowls of disapproval but at the same time don't do anything to antagonise them. It costs an awful lot of money to be a member of this golf club and understandably the last thing they want to see is skaters intruding on their domain. (BTW Don says, 'Don't tell anyone I told you about this road') It cuts out a considerable length of the worst stretch of the cycle path. You may have to squeeze through the gap at the side of the electronic gates at either end of the road it they are closed. 

To sum up

  • Be prepared, take something to drink and eat.
  • Look out your big wheel skates.
  • If necessary bring a rainproof jacket.
  • Bring shoes if you want to wander round Luss village.
  • Take care at busy crossings and roundabouts.
  • Don't skate on public roads if you can't stop competently.
  • Allow a generous amount of time to complete this route.
  • Better still make it a day out.
  • The round trip is just over 16 slow miles.
  • Is this route recommended for skating. Frankly no!


Always remember to wear safety pads and a helmet. Don't skate on public roads unless you know how to stop.


Don - skates + walks (nearly) - Lomond Shores to Luss