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Lochwinnoch Loop (Update)

Lochwinnoch Loop

An earlier skate on the loop.

From Easter to September we skate the Lochwinnoch Loop twice a week. A fast pace on Wednesday nights (called the Wednesday Whizz) and on Sunday afternoons* (now called the Easy Stroll) at a slower pace to encourage the new skater that wants to try TGO for the first time.

Skating is particularly suited to cycle tracks avoiding the problem of motorised traffic.

(* Sometimes the Sunday Easy Stroll is held at Glasgow Green.)

What type of skating is it?

Start of the hill

The Loop hill improved start point.

Click for side view.

Easy straight line skating on a smooth surface with just the one serious hill at the start/finish. Take your time to get to the top where it levels off. Coming back take it slowly and if all else fails walk down the grass verge. This is good "off the road" skating in a very scenic and pleasant environment. Bring the family along for a nice Sunday outing. Family can't skate? Then walk, jog, scoot, run, cycle or participate in the water activities on the Loch.

New Tarmac

Pristine tarmac

There has been considerable upgrading of the Loop with repairs to the worst areas of tarmac. Practically all the bad surfaces have been improved. It is now possible to skate from Lochwinnoch to Kilmacolm and back, about 26 miles of good skating. Only challenge is the busy main road to cross, the B789. Use the 'green man.' This should not be attempted unless you are competent at stopping. Turn and go back.

Not all the track is perfect. The path at Bridge of Weir is a bit gritty particularly so when you cross over the bridge. Proceed slowly it soon passes.

Normally our weekly strolls go to the bridge that crosses the A737 and return to Lochwinnoch a distance of nearly 10 miles. Alternatively, when westerly winds dictate, we skate the opposite leg from Lochwinnoch to Kilbirnie to have the wind behind us on the downhill return leg.

Here are some approx skating distances at the Lochwinnoch Loop

  • Lochwinnoch - Kilbirnie - Lochwinnoch about 9 miles.
  • Lochwinnoch - To A737 Bridge - Lochwinnoch about 10 miles
  • Lochwinnoch - Kilmacolm - Lochwinnoch about 26 miles

How do I get there?

If you are coming from Glasgow by car travelling West along the M8 take the A737 slip road (To Irvine) just passed the Glasgow Airport flyover. Follow this road for about 8 miles until you come to Roadhead Roundabout (recently upgraded to avoid congestion). Turn right along the A760 (To Largs) Lochwinnoch is a about a mile along the road. Go past the bird sanctuary (RHS) then turn first right over the bridge, a sign directs you to the Water Sports Centre, keep right at the next two "tricky" corners (take care) enter car park. There is generally plenty of space with a cafe and toilet facilities at the centre.

2 mile point

2 mile point

You can travel by train to Lochwinnoch. Remember to check the Sunday schedule and make sure your train will definitely stop (both ways) at Lochwinnoch station. You can skate (good surface) from the station to the Water Sports Centre car park but cross the busy main road first before you put on your skates.

Rollerstroll F.A.Q.

  • I would like more info about the "loop" before I skate there? Okay here it is.
  • Is it all right to come alone? Of course. Skaters are friendly and Don will help if you have a (skate) problem.
  • What time do we start? See schedule on the 'lets go skating' page of the TrySkating website. Please come early to fit skates and put on pads.
  • Where do we leave from? The Water Sports Centre car park and return there to finish.
  • How much does the skate cost? The skate is FREE, you skate at your own risk (there is only a charge if you need to hire skates).
  • How far do I have to skate? Any distance you like. Normally the skate is about 10 miles start to finish.
  • How long will I be skating? Around an hour, maybe longer if it is a nice sunny day. You can decide when you are there.
  • Will I hold everybody back? The Sunday Easy Stroll is relaxed the emphasis is on family skating. This is not a race, sprint or time trial. We wait until you catch up. If you want a faster skate go for the Wednesday Whizz.
  • The start hill is worrying me? No need the surface has been greatly improved recently. If you have some hill stopping ability you will manage. Should hills be new to you take a lesson first. See the 'skating lessons' page of the TrySkating website.
  • Can I hire skates? Yes you can but you need to order them the day before at the latest. 07733 276 902 is the number to call. Special Lochwinnoch day charge of £5 includes safety pads but not a helmet.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet? Safety pads and a helmet are recommended. You skate without them at your own risk.
  • I'm not coming by car is there anywhere to leave my backpack? Yes, you can leave your backpack/shoes/etc, in Don's van while you skate. Don't forget to pick up your possessions on the way back.
  • Bad weather? We do not skate in the rain or if we think the surface is going to be slippery. If the conditions look doubtful 'phone 07733 276 902 before you travel.
  • How will I know if the skate venue is changed or cancelled? It will be posted in the information column of the "lets go skating" page on the website.

Sharing the Loop with others.

We are skating on a cycling path. The more serious cyclists, generally recognisable by their lycra outfits, treat the loop as their own. They do not take kindly to skaters blocking the pathway. When cyclists approach we keep to the LHS to avoid causing an obstruction and prevent them having reason for complaint.

Pedestrians are apprehensive when they see a group of skaters approaching. Please make sure you slow down and pass leaving as much room as possible. We want skaters to be considered good path users.

Animals, particularly dogs roam the pathway because owners take this opportunity to let their dogs off the leash. Dogs are easily startled if it is the first time they have encountered skaters. Apparently dog owners consider it is the responsibility of the skater to pass in an appropriate manner. While this is a moot point we accept the constraint for the good of the sport.


Please don't upset the locals even if they upset you. Remember they live there and we want to be welcomed back in the future. Respect the countryside and please make sure you do not leave any litter behind.

Don't forget skating is a balancing activity. You skate at your own risk. Wear your safety pads and a helmet at all times. You have a duty of care to yourself as well as to others.

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