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Glasgow Green - Sunday Easy-Strolls

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the Green.

Glasgow Green is a centrally located skating area that is convenient to reach due to its city centre location. Over the past few years the Green has been considerably upgraded and now attracts tourists who can be seen walking around and towards the People's Palace.

The Easy-Stroll is relaxed and especially welcomes skaters trying TGO for the first time. You must have some skating experience and be capable of using your heel-brake to cope with hills. If you are not able to do this take lessons first. Skaters who find the Easy-Stroll too slow are invited to the Lochwinnoch Wednesday Whizz which speeds along at a faster rate.

GG from the Air

While many of the pathways are ideal for skating it cannot be denied some are a bit rough. However it is possible to skate round mainly avoiding the worst surfaces. There is a particularly smooth length of tarmac on the low road at the King's Drive end of the Green. This is not area to skate on your own.

How do I get there?

# A short walk from the heart of the City.

# By Subway: 15 minutes walk from St Enoch Subway station.

# By Train: 15 minutes walk from Argyle Street, Bellgrove and High Street rail stations.

# By Bus: First Bus services 16, 18, 40, 61, 62, 64, 203, and 263 all stop near Glasgow Green.

# This is where we meet The stroll starts and finishes at this point.

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Glasgow Green F.A.Q.

  • I want to learn to skate should I come along? NO! First you need to take lessons, see the skating lessons page of the TrySkating website.
  • Is it all right to come alone? Of course. Skaters are friendly and Don will help if you have a (skate) problem.
  • What time do we start? Normally 1pm prompt. Please come early to fit skates and put on pads.
  • Where do we leave from? The street called 'The Green' this is the street that leads to the People's Palace. We meet at the point behind the famous Templeton Building.
  • How much does the skate cost? The Easy-Stroll is FREE. (there is only a charge if you need to hire skates).
  • How far do I have to skate? Any distance you like.
  • How long will I be skating? Around an hour, maybe longer if it is a nice sunny day. You can decide when you are there.
  • Will I hold everybody back? The Easy-Stroll is relaxed. This is not a race, sprint or time trial. We wait until you catch up. If you want a faster skate the Wednesday Whizz evening skate is the one for you. On Sundays we particularly welcome new skaters.
  • Will there be any hills? Short answer yes. You need to have some hill stopping ability. If hills are new to you then first try one of Don's heel-brake clinics to boost your confidence. See the monthly newsletters for dates.
  • Can I hire skates? Yes you can but you need to order them two days before at the latest. 07733 276 902 is the number to call. Special Easy-Stroll skate charge of £5 includes safety pads but not a helmet.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet? Safety pads and a helmet are recommended. You skate without them at your own risk.
  • I'm not coming by car is there anywhere to leave my backpack? Yes, you can leave your backpack/shoes/etc, in Don's van while you skate. Don't forget to pick up your possessions on the way back. (Check first to make sure Don will be there.)
  • Where are the nearest facilities? The People's Palace has a cafe and public toilets.
  • Bad weather? We do not skate in the rain or if we think the surface is going to be slippery. If the conditions look doubtful and you are not sure whether to travel 'phone 07733 276 902 to find out if the Easy-Stroll is on.
  • How will I know if the Easy-Stroll is cancelled? It will be posted in the information column of the "lets go skating" page on the website.

Sharing the Green with others.

We are skating in a public park. Pedestrians are apprehensive when they see a group of skaters approaching. Please make sure you slow down and pass leaving as much room as possible. We want skaters to be considered good park users.

Animals, particularly dogs roam the Green because owners take this opportunity to let their dogs off the leash. Dogs are easily startled if it is the first time they have encountered skaters. Apparently dog owners consider it is the responsibility of the skater to pass in an appropriate manner. While this is a moot point we accept the constraint for the good of the sport.


Please don't upset the locals even if they upset you. Remember they live there and we want to be welcomed back in the future. Respect the Green and please make sure you do not leave any litter behind.

Don't forget skating is a balancing activity. You skate at your own risk. Wear your safety pads and a helmet at all times. You have a duty of care to yourself as well as to others.

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