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The skating land area covers approx 600 km perfectly signposted national routes as well as an additional 400 km of regional routes. The signs are red like the cycle signs but the route numbers are in violet. Switzerland claims routes are mainly flat with good coverings.

Three skating routes




Rhone Skate

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The Rhone skate route starts in Sierre and runs through the Rhone valley to Unterwallis and on to Lake Geneva. The journey along the Swiss Riviera is extremely pleasant and comprises a host of striking names such as Château de Chillon, Montreux and Vevey. The Rhone Skate route is almost flat throughout but an occasional counter wind provides a degree of sporting challenge.




Rhine Skate

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The ideal long distance route for less experienced skaters - the Rhine (Rhein) valley and Lake Constance are flat and come with a perfect asphalt covering. If you leave Rhine Skate in Romanshorn and head for the Mittelland Skate, you will discover Eurpope's longest signposted skating route, stretching all the way to the Lake of Neuchâtel.




Mittelland skate route

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For this route- which only has a few ascents and descents - a good knowledge of braking is recommended. This route offers excellent skating experiences both in terms of its topography and varied landscape. Together with the Rhine skate route, the result is continuous skating route stretching from Landquart to Estavayer-le-Lac - with out a doubt Europe's longest signposted skating route.




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