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BAMBOO Skate Review by an American Skater

FYI I'm coming from a background skating really hard aggressive boots--so the whole soft boot thing (even if its made of plastic water bottles) took a lot of getting used to. At first I could barely skate on these things, now I cruise around quite quickly, albeit with less total control/turning power and thrust.

The plus's: recycled/sustainable materials--really sleek looking too I might add. Cruisin on bamboo is quite a thrill

Mens Bamboo Skate

Sadly: the bamboo chips easily, the laces have no quick lace system, the plastic buckle is a hassle to click into place and the sewn on D ring for the Velcro stabilizer strap never stays in place, constantly warping the Velcro strap when I go to tighten my boot (but this has made lacing up a much more Zen like experience, the bamboo helps too) One of the biggest problems is the wheels they put out with this skate--I've had this pair less than a month, just about to rotate them when I find my wrenches--but the wheels are so degraded its unbelievable. I would be going through 12 pairs a year, but I'll just put some better ones on next time.

I do like the big handy straps on it, to carry and pull my foot into the boot--always nice

Other than that--not sure if this was advertised but some sites said it would include an extra shorter axle to take off the back brake--I didn't find one. So I had to cut off the brake pad so I could still use the longer axle in back.

womens bamboo skates

For my purposes (zipping around quickly, while having the ability to be a little rougher/have more fun/manoeuvrability) I would have been better off with a crossover boot (half aggro/half fitness--a hard boot with nice big wheels and no grind plate)

Sadly I went the eco friendly route, which only served to make myself feel better for a slight bit, then feel harshly burned for paying over price for a hyped up product (as most green marketing goes...)

All in all it's not a bad skate if you really want to just ride around a track/trail...but its too delicate for real road riding.