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STREET SKATING (for Gumbies**)



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When we start skating our attention is concentrated on mastering the basic manoeuvres. At the beginning this takes all our time to achieve. It has always been the goal of TrySkating lessons to get newcomers to the default level of skating. i.e., to stride efficiently, stop confidently using the heel-brake, and master the parallel turn. Then we look for new ways to challenge our achieved skills. What better for the recreational skater than attempting one of the street skates that take place in many cities throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Street skates, what are they and how do they operate?


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They normally take place at weekends or evenings and last about a couple of hours. The distance covered can vary from about 10 to 15 miles and most are FREE to join. (Some may ask for a voluntary donation) The well organised street skates are marshalled to control traffic and keep skaters from spreading too far apart. You require to skate at a reasonable pace, be capable of dealing with rough surfaces and most important, stopping proficiently. The street skater has to be versatile and expect the unexpected plus feel comfortable skating in groups.

(**Gumbies: Skater speak for beginners)


What's the best way to start?


We need a plan to achieve our goal.

1.First take lessons to get to the default skate level.
2.Join local rollerstrolls for experience and build up stamina.
3.If unsure about kerbs come to one of the TrySkating Kerb-Clinics.
4.Practise regularly, it's the only way to improve your skating.
5.Take a holiday weekend to go street skating.

Rods famous website gives you an insight to what's possible. Click the pic below.

Street Skaters of Europe

Skaters of Europe

One of the best ways to gain knowledge about street skating apart from surfing the net is to speak to street skaters about their experiences. They will give you an insight to what is expected and be able to assess your level of ability. Don't hesitate to ask, skaters normally don't need much encouragement to rabbit-on for hours about their experiences. (Including Don)

Rollers et Coquillages

Don skates Paris, can you spot him.

Why not cross the channel and try the Pari-Roller.See it in action. Join over 10,000 skaters (yes ten thousand), imagine the buzz you would get,and skate round the famous city for 25 kilometres any Friday night. What an achievement for the intermediate skater. It is completely FREE (maybe make a donation if asked) as are most night skates held in cities throughout Europe.

If Don can skate the Pari-Roller you certainly can!

Finally you are reminded you should wear a full set of safety pads and a helmet for your own safety on all street skates. Happy rolling.