Try Skating and get Scotland rolling

Want to know what skate class is like?

Here's the Catriona Murray experience

Catriona at the Arc

Catriona leads.....

One quiet Sunday afternoon sipping tea in the new cafe in Kelvingrove Park, I idly watched two skaters from afar. They looked elegant and seemed to be flying along.

Question: Can skating possibly be as cool as it looks?
Answer: Google 'Try Skating'. In the event, the site connected me to an established skating network and opened up several possibilities, so  I opted to take one private lesson... to 'try skating'.



By the way I'm no 'spring chicken' and I'd never skated before, so I was apprehensive going for that first lesson, but in the event, it was a skoosh - loved it! In an 100% supportive lesson, I was introduced to essential kit and with relaxed encouraging tuition was taken swiftly from Bambi-esque beginner to enthusiastic novice, capable of starting, stopping and skating (albeit hesitatingly) on the flat.

Catriona at the Arc

Learning to stop

Taking the next step was straight forward - 4 group lessons for 40, indoors at the Arc (the gym part of Caledonian University) where the smooth floor is ideal for beginners as well as experienced skaters honing their movements and polishing technique. Each of the four lessons has been exhilarating. Endorphins levels surge. It's an hour of thrills, spills, burls, swizzles and speed.


It seems a sociable sort of thing skating. There's pleasant banter and camaraderie each week, and I find that the experienced skaters are generous with giving hints and tips. Actually I feel as though I've discovered a form of exercise much more fun than jogging and far less Lycra based than going to the gym or swimming.

Catriona Arc Skating

This is the best ever floor to skate on

And after eight lessons (I haven't fallen over yet though there's been 'close calls') I'm picking up a bit more class technique-wise, so with luck (if 'Santa' brings me my new K2 'Moto 84' wheels ;-) I hope to be roller strolling outside come the spring.


That was the Catriona Murray experience

(many thanks to Anita for the pics)