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Skate a Marathon

Berlin xxxx

You've read the experience of local skaters and wonder should I do it. Could I actually skate a marathon from start to finish. The answer is yes if you are reasonably fit and have the ability to skate the default level of intermediate skating i.e. stop confidently, stride efficiently and parallel turn. Some of the slowest participants observed were nowhere near this level.

Berlin marathon xxx

On a first attempt expect to skate for over two hours. This means you would need to practise longer distance skating. Why not start with the weekly Rollerstrolls at Lochwinnoch or practise at the Bellahouston track if you prefer.

If you have never attempted any type of marathon before do not confuse skating with running. Skating a marathon is so much easier than running. (Why anyone wants to run a marathon is a bit of a mystery to this newsletter.)

So how does the recreational skater get started?

  • Achieve the desired level of skating ability.
  • Skate regularly and you won't have a fitness problem.
  • A decent pair of skates is a help but not a necessity.
  • Practising with others is better than skating alone.
  • Join the weekly Rollerstrolls.
  • Ask skaters who have already skated a marathon for advice and tips.
  • No need to go to any unnecessary expense. Leave that to the Lycra weenie pros.
  • We're recreational skaters not out to win but to enjoy the experience.

Next year's newsletters will keep you informed of local participation.

So lets finish the 2009 Berlin Marathon story with the Don Morton experience. Oh yes he was there and proves once again anybody can skate a marathon. This is what happened in his race.

Silke in her synopsis explains the morning paceline practise. It went well for all and I must comment that it makes the skaters effort so much easier but it is not for everybody. You don't have to be in a paceline.

Silke Don

Silke & Don + medals

The race start was a bit frantic..An unusually long delay probably led to the pushing, shoving and jostling that you normally only see when passengers board a Ryanair Jet.

This was taxing for Don resulting in an early slam. (a hard fall). Quite a daunting experience seeing a few thousand skaters trying to avoid skating over the top of you. Got back up on my feet, ignored the collateral damage, got on with the race.

I lost my paceline group so had to skate on my own for about 5 miles when another "Experts" paceline picked me up. You are identified by the tshirt issued to you at the start by the "Experts." I hung in with them to the end and managed to finish in 1 hour 49mins. That was well within my target time. (If someone had offered me that time with a slam before the event I would have bought it.)

3 at Brandenburg gate

However the stats that really please is sixth place in my group of 38 skaters. Yes that's the icing on the cake for Don. The only GBR skater in the group. BTW we skate under the team name "Scotia Skaters" and so can you, the name is not exclusive. Lets put Scotland on the inline skating map.

....and so to next year. I'm hoping to see you there!