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Melissa Garvey skates DANCE with Skatefresh London

Salsa on Skates? YES you can!

This is what I was pleasantly surprised to discover when I travelled from Glasgow to London to one of Asha Kirkby's Skatedance classes (17th Oct 09).

Disco Dancing

In the space of an hour, she packs in a lot of moves. For only 10, you can learn a good few tricks to bring with you to the next rollerdisco. Asha teaches in a relaxed, informal and easy-to-understand fashion, at a good pace, not too fast but not too slow either. And she easily accommodates both beginners and more advanced skaters, teaching the easy version and the more difficult moves together.(Click the pic to learn more about her course.)

Asha started the class with some basic walking strides, but transformed them into a funky strut. Then on to the moonwalk, which was surprisingly easier to do than I thought it would be. We learned a few sharp stops, for visual impact. We did a bit of backwards strutting too, with shoulder wagging for emphasis, and then on to the salsa!

As an avid salsa dancer with two years of lessons under my belt (most of which I must admit I've forgotten) I LOVED this! Just a few days ago I was listening to some salsa while on my skates, thinking to myself 'How could I do salsa on skates?' Asha answered my question. We learned one of the basic salsa moves, but she went through it really well, with both easy and difficult footwork for the different stages of skaters, and I think it might be just a small step to go from there to trying out some other salsa moves on wheels. In fact, I've already started and am looking forward to trying out a few new moves at the next rollerdisco!

Skate Dancing 2

Roller Dancing video

At the end of the class, we had a great little routine, which we performed for the crowds that had steadily been gathering around to watch throughout the lesson. We also got a bit of footage on video courtesy of my boyfriend who embarrassingly, (but I'm glad he did) stood on the sidelines and filmed most of the class on his phone. And of course, after the class we all hotfooted it to the rollerdisco at the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall to bust a move (and fall on our bums quite a bit, too)

After 14 years of inline skating, most of which I have spent dreaming of doing something like this, I have found my niche in skating- skatedancing! Im going back for more next weekend, Sat. Nov 7th., (like to join me?) and am even contemplating going to Rio in January to meet Asha's dance instructor!

See you there!