Try Skating and get Scotland rolling

"Parallel Panic" Need to get it sorted?



SBC skaters

  • Can skate can't turn?
  • Hopeless at cornering?
  • Can't get the hang of it?
  • Nearly fall every time?
  • Always end up in the ditch?
  • Can only turn one way?
  • Really exasperated?
  • Everyone laughs?


Well the best solution is the PARALLEL-TURN CLINIC where help is at hand for the skater that needs to master the turn. It's cool when you can do it and lifts your skating to a higher level. Check out this demo.

The PARALLEL-TURN CLINIC explains theory and concentrates on practise.

Parallel Turn Demo

  • Ready Postion
  • Scissoring feet
  • Focus on "edging"
  • Shifting weight
  • Rotary motion
  • Linking parallel turns

Always check before travelling in case dates or times have changed or the clinic is weather cancelled.

Dates & start times posted on the lessons page of the TrySkating website.

What you need to know.

  • Meeting place? At Silverknowes Roundabout on Marine Drive. Please come early to fit skates and put on pads.
  • How much? The clinic costs 5 payable on the day. Book in advance to reserve a place. (This is not a drop in session).
  • How long? At least a skating hour.
  • I can't turn at all? This clinic is for the skater who wants to master the parallel turn. Not suitable for first-time beginners.
  • Can I hire skates? Yes you can but you need to order them two days before at the latest. 07733 276 902 is the number to call or text. Special Parallel-Turn Clinic charge of 3 includes safety pads but not a helmet.
  • What do I need to wear? Safety pads and a helmet are recommended. You skate without them at your own risk. Skates should have a heel-brake fitted. Bring warm clothing in case it is cold.
  • I'm not coming by car. Is there anywhere to leave my backpack? Yes, you can leave your backpack/shoes/etc, in Don's van while you skate. Don't forget to pick up your possessions before you leave.
  • Travelling by Public Transport? Take number 42 bus.
  • Any services nearby? Cafe and pay toilets on the front.
  • What if it is raining? We do not skate in the rain. If it is one of those Scottish weather days that looks as if it might/might not rain and you are not sure whether to travel 'phone 07733 276 902 to find out if the Parallel-Turn Clinic is on.


Don't forget skating is a balancing activity. You skate at your own risk. Wear your safety pads and a helmet at all times. You have a duty of care to yourself as well as to others.