Try Skating and get Scotland rolling


# At the Arc Sports Hall, Cale Uni, Glasgow.


K2 Kid


This is one of the few occasions we allow children to join the Sunday morning skate session. All levels of ability (see FAQs) are welcome. This is a recreational skating session not a lesson but the appointed supervisor will give some help subject to the number of skaters present on the day. The emphasis is on kids having fun, after all that is what skating is all about, having loads of fun.



Family skating


The purpose of indoor skating is to provide an ideal safe skating environment on a level floor with a good surface. This makes skating much easier especially for beginners. You progress comfortably at your own pace and at the same time have the luxury of avoiding the uncertainty of Scottish Weather.

So come along, bring the kids, get fit, and try a new life-time skill, all on what must be the city's most skater friendly "easy learn" floor. Think how nice it would be if the whole family skated together. Now is the time to try. Don't let the opportunity pass by.


  • Can I bring a child who is a "first-time" beginner? Yes you can but you must remember this is not a skate lesson. Help where possible will be given but it is up to the accompanying adult to assist during the whole session if your child has never skated before.
  • What time do we start skating? 10.30am prompt in the ARC Sports Hall at Cale Uni. (finish at 12noon) Fitting skates & pads takes ages so if you don't arrive early enough it means some of the session time is lost. If possible please try and come at least 15 mins before the start.
  • How much does it cost? Each child is FREE with a paying adult, £5.
  • Are hire skates available? Yes this should be possible. If you need to hire call/text Don Morton on 07733 276 902 or email at least two days in advance. Junior skate hire cost is £2 which includes safety pads but not a helmet.
  • Do I need a helmet? Helmets are recommended. Please bring your cycle helmet, you skate without one at your own risk. A helmet is compulsory for juniors they will not be allowed to skate without one.
  • Can children come alone? Definitely not. There must be an accompanying adult in attendance throughout the entire session.
  • What should I wear? Comfortable casual clothing. Jeans or similar and lightweight tops because the hall gets quite hot after we have been skating a while.
  • Do I have to use a locker? We are supposed to but at the present time we take our belongings into the hall with us.
  • Does the Arc have toilets? Yes of course.
  • Travelling by Public Transport? Best come by bus, the Arc Sports Hall is opposite Buchanan Street Bus Station. Queen Street Station is close by and be easily walked as can Buchanan Street Subway Station a little bit further away.
  • Coming by car? Park in one of the side street parking bays. Meter charges don't apply on a Sunday.

Did we forget something? (we usually do)

  • Got a question we haven't thought about?
  • Need some more help or advice?
  • Then please do not hesitate to ask........
  • Email or text/call 07733 276 902.


Skating is a balancing activity you skate at your own risk. Wear safety pads and a helmet at all times and obey the safety instructions issued on the day by the person in charge. You have a duty of care to yourself as well as to others.