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Rollerhoc - Play for Fun and Fitness

It's great fun!


Rollerhoc is based on Unihoc (similar to Floorball) but played on wheels. It is an action activity, exciting, full of fun and easy to learn. It improves your fitness more than you can imagine and considerably enhances your skating skills.

The adult game is played indoors by mixed players of ALL ages, normally 4 or 5 a side (no less than 3) using short hockey sticks playing a light puck. (The stick must not be longer than 125cms from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.)

Almost anyone can play

Players should have had some skating experience and know how to stop. You do not have to be a good skater to take part. If you cannot skate at all but would like to play Rollerhoc take skating lessons first with Don Morton. We want to help you get started.

Player's skates can be either inline, quad or hockey skates but not aggressive skates. Heel-brakes must be of the non-marking type (or taped) to avoid leaving black marks on hall floors. Some soft wheels can also mark floors, where this occurs soft' wheels have to be avoided. It is important that rollerhoc does not become synonymous with damage to property.

Play normally follows the general hockey game with the exception that no bodily contact is allowed. If your play style is aggressive go for roller hockey instead. Other restrictions apply which are detailed in the rules of the sport.

The whole purpose of the rules is to encourage players of mixed teams with varying skating abilities to play together safely.

We play Rollerhoc at the Craigholme Sports Complex, Haggs Road, Glasgow. G41 4RD.

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