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Buying Skating Equipment - Protective Gear

Skating Pads

You should wear full safety pads every time you go skating. Make sure you have a complete set, i.e. Elbows, knees and most important wrists. All need to be protected. Some skate groups think it is not cool to wear pads and you may come under pressure to conform. Don't remove pads just to meet peer pressure, this can lead to damage of the knee, wrist and elbow joints that can prove particularly troublesome later in life. This is very often disregarded by younger skaters. Falls can occur here is some helpful advice on how to deal with them.

Harsh Protective Gear
Harsh Protective Gear - 2 Knee + 2 Elbow + 2 Wrist


Are particularly vulnerable to injury in sports where balance is a key factor. For those who feel more comfortable with, or require, heavy duty support, look for a wrist guard like, or simlar to this

Seba 6-piece Protection Set
Seba 6-piece Protection Set

K2 Protection Set
K2 Protection Set

Protective Shorts

This is one piece of safety equipment that is often overlooked. Some skaters refuse to wear them for no apparent reason. They protect the hips and tailbone in event of a fall. TrySkating recommends wearing protective shorts (crash pads) to avoid unnecessary injury.

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