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Benefits of Skating and Inline Skating

Skating is one of the best fitness and exercise disciplines that can help you lose weight and ranks along side the best outdoor physical activities like swimming, cycling, running, skiing, outdoor games. And the best thing is, anyone can do it.

Contact Try Skating

Telephone Don on 07733 276 902. Try Skating, 28 Field Road Glasgow, G76 8SE.

Lap Ladder

The Lap Ladder is held every Sunday at the Arc Sports Centre. Taking in timed laps of the track, it's your chance to compete to be the fastest.

Record lap times at Bellahouston Park track

Record lap times at Bellahouston Park track. Want a skating challenge? Skate round the track up to 100 times and try to set a PB.

Rollerhoc - Play for Fun and Fitness

Rollerhoc is based on Unihoc (similar to Floorball) but played on wheels. It is an action activity, exciting, full of fun and easy to learn. It improves your fitness more than you can imagine and considerably enhances your skating skills.

Skating Links + Links that interest TrySkating

Here's a list of skating links which you might find useful, includes Skating Organisations and Associations, City Street Skates, Continental Tours, Roller Derby in Scotland and other sites we like.

Skating news, skating events and skating lessons in Scotland.

At Try Skating we provide a wealth of information on Skating in Scotland. From where to skate to hiring and buying skating equipment to skating lessons, we provide everything. Check out the blog for all the latest skate news too.


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The Skating Blog

For all the latest skating news across Scotland and further afield. Grab our RSS feed to keep up to date with developments.

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Upcoming Skating Events

We maintain a full calendar of skating events held across Scotland, including Skating Lessons, Roller Strolls, Easy Strolls, Roller Derby, Roller Disco, Adult Skating and Junior Skating.

Skating Equipment

Buy Skates in Glasgow, Skating Equipment, Roller Skates and Inline Skates

Which skate should I get? Where do I go to buy? How much should I spend? What skate suits me best? Why are there so many different types of skate? The questions come thick and fast. Well, Try Skating is here to help.

Buying Skating Equipment - Protective Gear

You should wear full safety pads every time you go skating. Make sure you have a complete set, i.e. Elbows, knees and most important wrists. All need to be protected.

Hiring and Buying Skating Equipment

If you don't own a pair of inline skates and have no idea what to buy, consider hiring to start with, this will give you get a good chance to work out what to look for. Hiring costs between five and fifteen pounds.

Skating Equipment - Helmets

You always need to wear a helmet when skating. Not sure why you should wear a skating helmet? Watch this video of a skateboarder to find out.

Skating Lessons

Group Lessons - Indoor Skating and Easy Learn

Easy Learn, Indoor Skating Group Lessons. We welcome new adult skaters at all levels of ability on both inline and quad skates. Take lessons, skate on your own, play rollerhoc, the choice is yours.

Heel-Brake Clinics

Learn to skate using the Heel-Brake, T-Stopping, hill stops, stopping on rough surfaces.

Indoor Skating

Indoor Skating Lessons

Private Lessons - Beginners' Special Offer

Learn to Skate Special Offer. Four hours of one-to-one private lessons.

Private Lessons available all year round

Private Skate Lessons, having the instructor's full attention for the duration of the lesson. A single lesson lasts a skating hour, please allow extra time for fitting skates and pads.

Quad Lessons - Indoor Skating and Easy Learn

Quad Roller Skating Lessons, Over the last few years there has been a resurgence of interest in roller skates (quads) mainly due to the success of roller derby. Come along to the Arc Sports Hall on Sunday mornings for 10:30am for lessons, Rollerhoc or jus

Skating for Kids

Skating for kids (8 to 12 year olds) on Sunday afternoons at the Maccabi Gym Hall, Giffnock. Also, outdoor lessons available, weather permitting. Kids parties and discos also catered for.

Where To Skate

Arc Sports Hall, Glasgow (where to skate in Scotland)

Arc Sports Hall, Caledonian University, Glasgow

Bellahouston Park, Glasgow (where to skate in Scotland)

Due to resurfacing many of the pathways in Bellahouston Park (Glasgow South), are now skater friendly. Add to that the renovated outdoor running track and you have especially good skating on mainly smooth flat surfaces.

Craigholme Sports Complex, Glasgow (where to skate in Scotland)

Craigholme Sports Complex, Haggs Road, Glasgow

Crammond / Silverknowes (where to skate in Scotland)

Crammond / Silverknowes (Edinburgh West). The Esplanade (recently extended towards Granton) give skaters a chance to skate longer distances, which helps improve striding technique. Nice and flat, most of the surface is smooth with some rougher parts.

Glasgow Green (where to skate in Scotland)

Glasgow Green is skater friendly with long runs on reasonable surfaces (some smooth, some rough) with flat skating on the neighbouring streets. This is a good central spot for everyone to reach with easy access by car or public transport.

Lochwinnoch Loop (where to skate in Scotland)

Lochwinnoch Loop (cycle path) is a popular venue for easy "off the road" skating; best for skaters who have taken lessons or have previously skated and can manage the basics of stopping to cope with the entry/exit hill.

Outdoor & Indoor Skating (where to skate in Scotland)

Where to Skate in Scotland. We recommend these four outdoor locations: Glasgow Green (City Centre), Bellahouston Park (Glasgow South), Crammond / Silverknowes (Edinburgh West) and Lochwinnoch (cycle path).