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Indoor Skating

Indoor Skating

TO-NIGHT 8pm-10pm Relaxed Indoor Skating at


  • Open skating for fitness & fun. Cones for Freestyle.
  • All levels of ability welcome. Instruction for beginners.
  • We'll help you get started if you've never skated before.
  • Skate inlines or quads. (NO aggressive skates please.)
  • Hire Skates/pads. Call/text: 07733 276 902 to book.
  • Like music? Bring a CD & we'll play it.
  • This is a Drop-In Skate Session.
  • New Skaters always Welcome.
  • Adult Cost £7. (FREE Skate Hire) 

Posted: Wed 26 Oct 2016 in the category of Indoor Skating.

Sunday Skating at the 'ARC'

Sunday Skating at the 'ARC'

The ARC SPORTS HALL, (our favourite venue) Caledonian University, Glasgow, G4 0BA. Come and enjoy skating on the super smooth, easy learn, floor. We skate all year round on Sunday mornings from 10am to 1pm. (Sometimes 12noon if the hall is not available.)  We welcome new skaters at all levels of ability on both inline and quad skates. Take lessons, skate on your own, play Rollerhoc, try the Lap Ladder, the choice is yours. Always check the events page for exact times before travelling.

Posted: Mon 10 Oct 2016 in the category of Indoor Skating.


  • Like to play Rollerhoc?
  • Used to play roller hockey?
  • Never played hockey before?

Many skaters would like to play a recreational game that does not have high demands or insist on advanced skill levels to play. Rollerhoc has been devised to encompass a wide range of abilities. In skating terms you need to be capable of stopping-just-a-bit otherwise take lessons first. Still not sure you could handle this game in case you weren't "good" enough. Well read more about Rollerhoc to put your mind at rest.

We play at the Arc Sports Hall, Cale Uni, Glasgow on Sunday mornings. See details of times on the Events page.

Posted: Sun 2 Oct 2016 in the category of Rollerhoc.

The Great Scottish Skate

The Great Scottish Skate

For the first time ever Scotland is to have its very own national skate event. The Great Scottish Skate to be held on 28th July at the Ingliston Show Ground near Edinburgh.  A new website should be up and running shortly.

Posted: Wed 28 Sep 2016 in the category of General.


Rollerhoc is fun

Have thought about playing Rollerhoc?  Have you even heard about it? I suspect not. The Rollerhoc website tells you all you need to know. Any skater that's capable of stopping can have a go. You do not need to be a "good" skater to take part.

Posted: Sun 25 Sep 2016 in the category of Rollerhoc.

Indoor Skating

The winter months force us indoors if we want to skate all year round. Here's a reminder where we skate.

  • Sunday mornings at the the Arc Sports Hall, Cale Uni, Glasgow.
  • Maccabi Gym Hall, Giffnock on Wednesday evenings.
  • Whitletts Activity Centre, Ayr on Friday afternoons.

Posted: Sat 18 Feb 2012 in the category of General.

Skate London

This is the hub of skating in UK. Centred mainly round the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park you will find skaters of all levels from beginners to the highly proficient.

Skate London

Many of the skate schools operate here. Freestyle is very evident, check the number of cones in use. London also has the most successful street skates to choose from.

LFNS (London Friday Night Skate), The Sunday Stroll, The Easy Saturday Skate and Skate London on Wednesday nights. Big choice reflecting the numbers and depth of interest in skating in the capital.

Posted: Thu 16 Feb 2012 in the category of General.

Roller Derby

Roller Derby

Now well established in Scotland with eight all women teams. If you've got the attitude why not give it a go. Roller Derby is accredited with leading the revival of roller skates, long time popular for artistic, jamming, disco, and general indoor skating.

Posted: Wed 15 Feb 2012 in the category of Roller Derby.

Where do you skate?

Wondering where to skate is one of the new skater's greatest concern.


We need to find smooth surfaces for tiny wheels to roll over. Our where-to-skate page lists current places suitable for skating but we need to add lots more particularly in areas that so far are not represented.

Please, if you know of a good skating area, add your comments below and we'll check them out.

Posted: Mon 13 Feb 2012 in the category of General.