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Benefits of Skating and Inline Skating

Skating is one of the best fitness and exercise disciplines

Scotland's bad health record plus the population trend to overweight makes skating particularly relevant. Skating is one of the best fitness and exercise disciplines that can help you lose weight and improve your balance. Skating ranks along side the best outdoor physical activities e.g. swimming, cycling, running, skiing, outdoor games, etc. Lack of exercise is one of the fundamental reasons for the population's poor health record in Scotland affecting both adults and now, regrettably, children.

Would you ever consider skating on holiday?

Many new skaters set goals by first visiting London where you're spoilt for choice. Take part in the TheEasySaturdaySkate,  London Skate or the London Friday Night Skate (LFNS) which includes the Sunday Stroll.

Why not cross the channel and try the 'Pari-Roller'

Rollers et Coquillages

Join over 10,000 skaters (yes ten thousand), imagine the buzz you would get skating round the famous city for 25 kilometres any Friday night. What an achievement for any intermediate skater. It is completely FREE as are most night skates held in cities throughout Europe. The Pari-Roller should be your skating ambition.

Perhaps you could skate to work?

This of course depends on distances and road surfaces. In Scotland weather plays a part as well. If it's possible to commute on skates it makes economic sense. It's cost effective and delivers your daily dose of exercise at the same time. Look out for cycle trails and quiet roads where surfaces tend to be more skater friendly.

Skating adapts to your lifestyle

It's a flexible pastime that fits into your busy schedule. A lifestyle activity allowing and presenting opportunities to meet like minded people in social and active groups. No need to be a club member, book courts, pitches or make complicated arrangements. No big outlay in hefty annual subscriptions, skating has everything in its favour, enjoyed by those who master it. Why not 'TrySkating' yourself.

Not convinced yet?

Here's some more interesting information about the benefits of inline skating:

Health Warning

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Do you sit in front of a VDU all day at work? Is your job so demanding and stressful you feel tired in the evening and sit around watching TV or do you prefer going to the pub for a few drinks. Is this your problem? Then you could be heading towards obesity and future ill health. Why allow this to happen when there are alternatives. Your body needs some help to keep it fit and healthy but lets be honest many of us find repetitive exercise boring.

So is skating the solution? Well yes it could be but you'll never know unless you give it a try. The new skater will find this an exciting challenge that uniquely brings fitness & fun together. It is an exhilarating experience, an achievement when accomplished but understandably you want some help to get started especially if you have not skated before. TrySkating offers, without obligation, the friendly advice you need. This is the best way to learn, the sensible choice to avoid unnecessary risks. Email  or call/text 07733 276 902 to chat. If you feel more confident book a "no pressure" lesson and see how you get on.